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How much does a small water heater cost?

Now when it comes to water heaters, they are huge and bulky most of the time. Even the big tankless water heater units take up a decent amount of space. On top of that, the big units are fairly expensive, especially when you just need a water heater for a fairly small use. For example, if a person has a 1 bed room apartment and needs a water heater for a faucet and a shower, buying a huge storage tank or tankless water heater would not make sense. This is where the new ingenuity of hot water heaters comes in play. Small water heater or also known as mini hot water heater, are water heaters which are specially designed to work in situations where there isn’t a huge need for hot water. These units can be installed underneath a faucet or right next to a washer and would save a huge amount of space for the user. Mini water heaters are exceptional when it comes to providing hot water on demand, and for a single faucet or a single shower. In addition to that, small water heaters are fairly easy to install and come at a very cheap price compared to their bigger relatives. Hence, this small beautiful hot water providing equipment is very often preferred by customers who want to avoid the hassle of getting a huge water heater.

Getting a general cost for a small water heater would be close to impossible as there are thousands of products out there. Below is a list of some of the most famous mini hot water heaters in the market, and the average cost of those products. This prices can change as they tend to fluctuate. Hence, the prices are not a reliable source for you to get a price quote on the items. They are here so you could get an idea of how much a small water heater costs.

AO Smith EJC-6 6 Gallon ProMax Compact Electric Water Heater - $259.94
Rheem RTE-9 Electric Tankless Water Heater - 9 kW - $144.99
EcoSmart 11 kW 2.14 GPM Self-Modulating Electric Tankless Water Heater - $279.00
Rheem Performance 20 Gal. Short 3800/3800-Watt Elements Electric - $346.88