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How to install a small water heater?

DISCLAIMER: It is always recommended to hire a professional to do the installation of the water heater. Installing a hot water heater may involve activities that may be harmful if not done correct. In addition to that, some brands require that customers install the water heater with help of a professional so as to maintain the warranty. Nevertheless, below is a list of steps that would help in installing a small hot water heater. These procedures may vary based on the product and brand.

1. Cut off the hot water line. Disconnect the water hose coming to the sink.
2 Wrap Teflon tape around the fitting on the hot water heater outlets.
3. Get a water 3 way fitting and put it on the hot water connection which should be located on the water heater. This outlet is usually marked red or has a written symbol that suggests it’s the .Turn in hand, use wrench to snug.
4. Connect a fitting to the T you used on the hot water earlier. Next to the fitting, connect a compression fitting for the copper tube to have a really good seal. As always, fit it by hand and then use a wrench.
5. Use metal sheath anti-burst hoses to connect to the fittings.
6. Connect a similar hose to the cold water inlet on the water heater.
7. Now connect your hot water heater to the cabinet under the sink. This could vary from job to job. You decide how you want to assemble it and where you want to assemble it. Once you have decided a location, locate the hot water hose that you connected to the water heater earlier.
8. This hose would be connected to the hose that was disconnected off of the kitchen faucet in the beginning of the project.
9. Now locate the cold water heater hose which you installed on the water heater and connect it to the water supply valve from where you disconnected your water supply hose in the beginning of the project.
10. Now it’s time to address the copper tubing that is originally connected to the dish washer. Connect the copper tubing to the compression end of the T on the hot water outlet of the water heater. Make sure to not bend or twist the copper tubing too much as they tend to break every now and then. Hence every time you bend the copper tubing, make sure you don’t kink it.
11. Now you just cut the water back on and connect the water heater electric plug on to the electric outlet.