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Cost To Install A Small Water Heater

Small water heaters are known as one of the most innovative technology of present time. These products provide the comfort of having hot water for small locations and places that would not need a huge water heater installed. For example, if a customer owns a one bedroom apartment and needs a water heater for his faucet and shower, all he has to do is a get small tankless or storage type water heater and install it underneath the faucet compartment. These products are fairly cheap and are usually easy to install.

Although we do recommend that a customer installs water heater by themselves, it is possible to do so. Installing any sort of water heater needs working with plumbing equipment, electrical equipment and much more. There are scenarios when this could turn into a hazardous situation and may end up hurting the person who is attempting to install the water heater. Hence, it is always recommended to have a professional do the installation.

Installation of a mini hot water heater by a professional would cost you around 200 to 400 dollars of labor. It might even be cheaper than that, it all depends on the person you hire. Different professionals have a different price for installation and difficulty of your installation, the quote may go up or down. If you end up doing the installation, the labor would obviously be free, but it would also mean that you are spending time on doing the installation when you could use that time to relax, work, or anything else. In addition to that, when professionals do the installation of the water heater based on the factory guide, you are very unlikely to have any leak or problems due to bad installation. Whereas on the other hand, if you do the installation and don’t know what you are doing, you may end up having a huge headache on your hand. For example, many times, customers forget to use plumber's tape when installing a T fixture on the water heater. This leads to leaks. On top of that, a lot of customers don’t know that when a metal plumbing fixture is used with a plastic plumbing fixture, there is a specific way of twist the plastic fixture. If it is not done with care, the threading on the plastic fixture may end up breaking and another fixture would be needed in its place.

Hence, installation cost of a small water heater depends on the decision made by customers and the difficulty of the job.